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Website Design Services in Essex

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Whatever kind of business you run, an effective and efficient website is something all your users will expect, and can make the difference between a business being successful and an also-ran. A business website needs to be properly maintained and kept in working order - one that doesn't work properly may just as well not exist and, in many cases, a broken website will only turn customers away from your business.

For small businesses in our Essex home area we provide a free face to face consultancy service to plan your website. To build the right website for your business we need to understand what your business does and what part you want your website to play, whether that's selling products online, taking bookings or simply gathering sales leads. The good news is that we design all types of websites, for all types of business!

'I need a website for mobile users'

These days, with up to 70% of searches performed by potential customers using smartphones, ipads, tablets and other mobile browsers, every website should be designed to work on mobile browsers first and foremost. The good news is that every website we build is fully mobile compatible by default and it's not something you pay extra for - it's what every website should be.

Brochure websites

Not all websites need to take online orders. A huge percentage of website are what might be termed 'brochure websites' and these are websites which exist to advertise your presence, your services, location and provide a way for customers to contact you. This type of website replaces things like newspaper and magazine advertising, telephone directories and so on and is what we call a static or brochure website. If you want to advertise your services as an accountant, dentist, skilled tradesman, mechanic or even dog walker, what you need is a simple and effective website that acts as an online advertisement and point of contact, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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eCommerce websites

If you run a business selling physical products, or virtual products like downloadable software, you'll need an eCommerce website that allows customers to order and pay for products online. We can provide you with a fully-functional eCommerce website that deals with online ordering, payment processing and even stock management. Design and lead times for full-blown eCommerce websites are obviously longer than those for simple websites, but whatever you want, we can build it for you!

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Maintenance service

If you're like most of the business people we've dealt with, you probably won't want your website to eat up your time. We offer a full management and maintenance service which means we will manage your website hosting, security and backups, ensure that essential software updates are performed as and when necessary and generally maintain your website for you. Depending on your precise needs we also offer a page updates service, whereby if you want to change content on your website we'll deal with it for you - including adding new pages. Obviously, these services are optional extras with fees, but they allow you to concentrate on running your business while we run your website for you.


We're not expensive but if you've read the paragraphs above, you'll understand that we can't quote a price for a new website until we know what you need. If you'd like a quote, just click the button below and tell us as much as possible about what you want, and we'll get in touch. Quotes are always individual, based on how your site needs to be built and how much time it will take.

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