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Now mostly based in Essex, BeenDesigned is a small group of independent freelance website designers who also happen to be friends. BeenDesigned was originally created and operated in Italy, but most of us are now located in Essex, London and Kent, with only two group members remaining in Milano. Like so many website design agencies, creating websites was originally just a passion, a hobby, only becoming a business after we were asked to build a website for a private school in Milano. Soon after, we started getting requests to build websites for people and businesses associated with the school. One thing led to another and only a few months later, we quit our full-time jobs to become full-time website designers.

Brian and Stephanie, two of our founding members, have long-standing relationships with animal welfare in the UK and the rest of us have been cat or dog owners for most of our lives. With so many friends in the sector, it was inevitable that we'd end up creating quite a few websites for the catteries and kennels we'd used. Also, rather than donate cash to pet rescue charities, we donate a percentage of our time to helping pet welfare groups by creating new or replacement websites for them, and in some cases managing the websites.

These days we build websites for small to medium businesses of all types, but word of mouth recommendations mean a lot of our clients still come from the pet welfare, pet accommodation, pet services and education sectors.

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We design websites because we enjoy it, and for no other reason. We certainly don't do it to get rich, which is why our prices are affordable. We could do what lots of designers do these days and farm out the orders we receive to low-cost design agencies in places like India and Indonesia, but if we did that we'd be bored silly!

Each website order we accept is allocated to an individual designer. From that point onwards, that designer works on the website until it is finished, at which time the design is then tested by two or more different designers to check for problems. Because our designers only work on one website at a time it means we turn away a lot of orders, but also means we can pay more attention to what our clients want.