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As you decided to visit this page, you're probably interested to know who or what the Beendesigned group is. In simple terms, we're a small group of independent freelance website designers who also happen to be friends and work together. Although we all started out working together in Italy, we're now based in 3 different cities; in London, Milan and Barcelona. When we started designing websites it was just a hobby, but we soon started to get requests to build websites for friends, colleagues and business contacts. Thanks to personal contacts, our first clients were language schools and then catteries and kennels in Italy. Thanks to personal referrals, we soon found ourselves inundated with requests to build websites for schools and private teachers. In fact, the majority of our work still comes from this sector. Of course, although we still create a lot of websites for language schools, teachers, vets, charities, catteries and kennels, we design websites for all types of business.

How we work..

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Website design isn't our main source of revenue, as we are all professional trainers, and we still treat website design as a sort of hobby. We do it because we enjoy it, and for no other reason. Our prices are more than affordable, but we know we're not the cheapest on the market. We could follow the modern trend reduce our prices by farming out the orders we receive to low-cost design agencies in places like India and Indonesia, but to us that would be like paying someone to play football on our behalf. It wouldn't make any sense.

Each website order we accept is allocated to an individual designer. From that point onwards, that designer works on the website until it is finished, at which time the design is then tested by another designer, sometimes two, if it is a complex website.

Our designers only work on one website at a time, and we prefer to work at a relaxed pace which means we turn away a lot of orders, but also means we can pay more attention to what our clients want. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too!

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